Extend the Impact of Inbound

With the AdRoll - HubSpot Integration

This integration requires both HubSpot and AdRoll

Multi-Channel Marketing 

80% of promotional emails are never opened. Don’t rely on just emails to connect with high-intent customers. Think outside the inbox. Retarget your email customers with ads across the web to amplify the effectiveness of your email campaigns.



A Combined Solution 

With this integration you can engage your existing HubSpot customer segments with targeted display ads with AdRoll Retargeting. In addition, you can use this data to feed AdRoll Prospecting and find similar customers who haven’t yet been to your site. These two solutions combined can solve 3 core inbound marketers challenges: attracting new prospects, converting prospects into customers, and growing the lifetime value of your existing customer base.

Supercharge your Funnel

Drive new traffic: Use event and webinar email lists to target prospects with online ads, bringing them to your website.

Bridge offline and online: Increase online sales by using emails collected in-store to promote your best deals on the web and mobile.

Drive users down the purchase funnel: After customers open an offer email, use targeted display ads as a reminder to re-engage with your brand.




The integration is free for users of both AdRoll and HubSpot.

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Integration built and maintained by AdRoll, last update 6/16.

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Integrating our Hubspot data with AdRoll decreased our cost per clicks by 66% and improved our CTR by 400%

Niek Dekker

Marketing Manager

Rezdy Online Booking Software

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