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Optimize your Marketing Funnel by Connecting HubSpot Data to your Paid Marketing Data

Analyze HubSpot content marketing results alongside advertising, web analytics and sales data in one dashboard to get a holistic look at your marketing funnel. View your HubSpot performance with other key metrics from ad networks like Facebook, Google Ads, and LinkedIn. Share the complete marketing picture with your clients or team members without spending time pulling and merging reports from multiple platforms.


This integration requires both AdStage and HubSpot. Learn more.

Gain Deep Insights into Your Marketing Performance

Dive deep into performance trends with keyword, ad level, utm, and geographic granularity. AdStage allows you to measure and optimize performance based on the full-funnel impact of your advertising campaigns and marketing automation efforts.

Report All Your Marketing Results in One Place

Automatically report on your non-paid and paid marketing efforts in one view. Save time and reduce errors associated with manually pulling data and importing into spreadsheets. Easily manage multiple accounts at once and send updates on a schedule.

How Does This Integration Complement HubSpot?

  • The HubSpot + AdStage integration provides a cross-network reporting and analysis platform that allows marketers to show paid advertising, web analytics, and marketing automation data in a single dashboard.
  • The HubSpot + AdStage integration allows marketing teams and client managers to save time by combining all marketing data into one report that can be automatically shared with clients or executives.

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