Leads & Custom Audiences Syncing Tool for HubSpot

Instantly connect lead generation campaigns to your HubSpot account, and automatically update your custom audiences for CRM retargeting. Save time, respond faster, and improve your sales.


This integration requires both Ads Workbench and HubSpot. Learn more.

Sync Your Leads to HubSpot

Sync your lead generation ads (including Facebook lead ads) with your HubSpot account and instantly send your leads opt-in offers. With the integration, you can also flexibly capture and automate leads generated in any system in real time - no more downloads and no more being late.

Update Custom Audiences in Autopilot Mode

The Ads Workbench + HubSpot integration makes it easy for your custom audiences to be synced to your HubSpot account automatically. It can be used with multiple advertiser networks (Facebook Custom Audiences, AdWords Customer Match, & Twitter Custom Audiences coming soon), and will increase conversion rates by using the most up-to-date contact lists.

Get started with Ads Workbench connected to HubSpot's software