Apps for Agency Services: Connector Apps

Interested in expanding your service offerings in the connector space? Learn more about the connector services you can offer your clients with HubSpot Certified Connect Partners.

Agency Service Primers for Connector Partners



Start learning about the services you can wrap around HubSpot Connect connector partners' software and their integrations to complement an inbound strategy.

Analysis and Reporting with Bedrock Data

Your agency can offer clients advanced analysis and reporting on key performance metrics, along advanced data visualization.

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Custom Integrations with Azuqua

Your agency can provide clients with custom integrations and automation across the SaaS apps in their tech stack.

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Two Way Data Syncing with PieSync

Your agency can offer clients intelligent syncing between HubSpot and other applications in their technology stack.

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Ecommerce integrations with Unific

Your agency can offer clients ecommerce integrations between HubSpot and Magento 2, Magento 1, Shopify, Bigcommerce, or WooCommerce.

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Found an compelling connector service offering above? Request the software for free via the Apps for Agency Services Program so you can implement the solutions for your clients.

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