Agency Service Guide for Primer + HubSpot

Interested in expanding your service offerings? Learn more about the services you can offer your clients with Beacon and its HubSpot integration.

Beacon-Logo-Green By partnering with Beacon, your agency can offer:
  • Content upgrades to complement a blog strategy
  • Increased ROI from blogging
Plus, it will all be integrated with your client's HubSpot CRM 

What is the service?

Content Upgrades - Agencies that partner with Beacon will be able to generate more leads for their clients by implementing and executing a Content Upgrade Strategy.

A Content Upgrade is a free download that is directly related to an individual blog post. Because Content Upgrades naturally compliment a blog post, they will see higher opt-in rates than a generic lead magnet.

Beacon helps agencies to created professional Content Upgrades in minutes.

Agencies that help their clients implement a Content Upgrade Strategy for individual blog posts will be able to generate more high quality leads, increase conversion rates and reduce cost per lead. 

Who is an ideal client?

Clients publishing blog content on a weekly or bi-weekly basis will see the most benefit from implementing a Content Upgrade Strategy. Blog post success is typically measured in page views but since each blog post pertains to a specific topic there is an opportunity to move prospects down the sales funnel with more information about that topic. Content Upgrades are perfect for converting a specific persona at a specific stage in the sales funnel.

How does it complement Inbound?

Blogging is a central piece to an effective inbound strategy, and since Content Upgrades are always paired with an individual blog post, they naturally complement your inbound activities. Content upgrades also help to prove the ROI of blogging because you can point to the exact number or leads that an individual post has generated as a way of measuring success.

When we use Beacon to create content upgrades, our conversion rates for blog posts increases from 0-3% to 5-10%

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