Agency Service Primer for Databox + HubSpot

Interested in expanding your service offerings? Learn more about the services you can offer your clients with Databox and its HubSpot integration.


By partnering with Databox, your agency can offer:

  • Goal setting services
  • Reporting on and analyzing performance across many software tools

Plus, it will all be integrated with your client's HubSpot account.  Learn more below and read an agency success story with the Databox integration here

What is the service?

Reporting and Analytics Insights - Agencies who partner with Databox can stop the end-of-month cut-and-paste reporting madness - and so can their clients.

Companies are using more and more software, which makes it increasingly difficult to get and deliver key insights into how processes and teams are performing.  Agencies use Databox to help their clients monitor and report data from HubSpot and the the many other tools they use across marketing, project management, sales, services and finance.

Agencies can leverage Databox to analyze and improve client performance. Most agencies start this process by setting goals with clients, and tracking 'performance to goal' automatically in Databox, then reviewing and resetting goals and plans each month to ensure clients achieve the ROI from their marketing that they want.

Who is an ideal client?

Data driven clients using multiple software tools to manage their business - For these data-driven clients, agencies can offer "insights as a service" and "goal setting as a service" in addition to automating and simplifying reporting.

Many businesses are drowning with data and lack the ability to simply monitor it, let alone analyze it. Agencies can be the heroes just by helping them set reasonable goals, then creating simple dashboards that can be viewed anytime, anywhere. Additionally, for more advanced clients who want to visualize any data, agencies can integrate the client's custom data sources into Databox as well.

How does it complement Inbound?

Everyone is doing inbound in some way or another, nowadays. More than 80M blog posts are published each month. Because of this competition, you can't just write blog posts, launch landing pages and send emails and expect it all to work flawlessly.

To get results, everything must be analyzed and optimized now.  

Because Databox makes it easy to monitor everything and has a very robust integration with HubSpot, it lets you visualize data from HubSpot marketing and HubSpot CRM alongside data from many other popular marketing tools.

As part of our retainer, every one of our clients gets 3 dashboards to monitor their marketing and sales results. Our clients love being able to check their results anytime without having to come to us. Based on the response from our clients, we've even started featuring our transparent reporting processes in our pitch deck to prospects -- and it's helping us secure new retainers.

Kathleen Booth


IMPACT, HubSpot Diamond Partner

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