Agency Service Primer for Import2 + HubSpot

Interested in expanding your service offerings? Learn more about the services you can offer your clients with Import2 and its HubSpot integration.

By partnering with Import2, your agency can offer:
  • Data import from other SaaS tools
  • Sync data between other marketing, sales, and services tools
  • Data gathering for better reporting

Plus, it will all be integrated with your client's HubSpot CRM. 

What is the service?

Data integration servicesAgencies can offer clients data integrations solutions, for both newly onboarded and existing HubSpot customers, including migrating legacy data and data enrichment solutions.

Agencies can help their clients get all their relevant business data inside of HubSpot - whether that means obtaining more leads, having comprehensive data on every contact record, importing legacy data and more. Import2 Wizard allows users to accomplish daily data tasks - such as import and export, business app integrations, and data gathering for reporting - using a simple and user friendly interface. There is no coding or technical know-how needed. 

Who is an ideal client?

Clients who need to move data between HubSpot and other sources - Any client who is interested in moving data from any source into HubSpot can benefit from Import2 Wizard. Clients may wish to integrate helpdesk ticket history into their HubSpot contact timelines for more personalized client management; they may need to sync specific fields from a 3rd party eCommerce platform to their current deals in order to sell better; or they may want to create new leads automatically from other marketing sources like MailChimp or Infusionsoft. Import2 Wizard can help you help your client with all these data management needs. 

How does it complement Inbound?

Bring the full context of your buyer's journey into HubSpot. In order to understand your visitors, prospects, and customers, you need the right data at your fingertips in order to provide the best customer experience. Import2 Wizard helps businesses identify and fix bad or missing data to improve targeted marketing, the sales cycle, and the service experience. Importing full business data from other SaaS tools ensures that the HubSpot platform is used to its fullest potential.

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Import2 Wizard allows users to get any data into HubSpot - for import and export, integration with other business apps, and data gathering for reporting.

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