Agency Service Primer for Opensense + HubSpot

Interested in expanding your service offerings? Learn more about the services you can offer your clients with Opensense and its HubSpot integration.

horizontal-logoBy partnering with OpenSense, your agency can offer:
  • Email signature branding and campaign services.
Plus, Opensense’s integration with HubSpot means email signatures can be managed for HubSpot CRM, and email signature campaigns across all devices and platforms can be targeted using HubSpot Workflows. 

What is the service?

Email signature marketing services - Agencies can supplement HubSpot with email signature design and branding services as well as media planning and management for email signature banner campaigns.

Opensense is a centrally-managed email signature marketing platform that can standardize, brand, and beautify email signatures, and add disclaimers. Email signature campaigns can be targeted and managed using HubSpot segmentation and Workflows.

Who is an ideal client?

Clients that use one-to-one email to communicate with prospects and customers. Ideal clients may have previously attempted to attain brand consistency in email signatures using manual means (ie. sharing templates by PDF or intranet). Additionally, ideal clients recognize that every email sent is an opportunity to promote and engage events and initiatives in a targeted fashion.

How does it complement inbound?

Email signature marketing creates a new channel for content promotion, event registration, and product discovery. Every 100 employees at your company will send about 1,000,000 emails every year. Between 5%-10% of everyday email recipients will click through banners placed in the email signature. This represents a massive missed opportunity to complement your current inbound event and content strategies. 

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Opensense + HubSpot Integration

Opensense enables HubSpot email signatures to be unified, tracked, and centrally managed as well as enables businesses add targeted banner campaigns based on audience or customer data stored in the HubSpot CRM.

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Email Signature Marketing

A central platform that can manage email signatures company-wide and add banner campaigns to every corporate email as well as deliver real-time personalized content based on HubSpot CRM.

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