Agency Service Primer for Retreaver + HubSpot

Interested in expanding your service offerings? Learn more about the services you can offer your clients with Retreaver and its HubSpot integration.

retreaver_rgbBy partnering with Retreaver, your agency can offer:
  • Tailored data capture, tracking and analytics for inbound calls
  • Personalized inbound call experiences and routing
  • Inbound call conversion capture for complete Marketing ROI
Plus, it will all be integrated with your client's HubSpot CRM. 

What is the service?

Personalized inbound call experiences - Retreaver is a call tracking and routing service focused on helping you do more with call data. Traditional call tracking companies do not provide the depth of data on inbound calls needed to track ROI to lead segment, nor to deliver personalized inbound call experiences that convert. Retreaver allows calls to be tagged with any data clients' businesses need. Track exactly which ad, channel or source lead to each inbound call and to use that data to route callers to the best person to handle their call.

Helping clients with their inbound sales strategy and marketing ROI? With inbound call tagging, tracking and routing, agencies who choose to partner with Retreaver set themselves apart from the competition by offering completely integrated CRM contact data, lead context, and campaign information with the inbound calls they are generating for their clients.

Who is an ideal client?

Clients who rely on inbound calls, but are new to call tracking.  Representatives may not know where the calls are coming from, or do not know anything about a caller when they answer the phone. When a business and/or marketing efforts rely on lead generation, direct response, e-commerce or sales, Retreaver provides detailed insights into which efforts are driving phone calls that convert. Marketers focused on data analytics will love Retreaver for its’ advanced tagging and detailed reporting.

Clients who need more detailed data about their inbound calls.  Retreaver gives them the ability to track any data attributes they need. When your clients are looking for better insight into where their sales are coming from, Retreaver delivers conversion information from click-to-call-to-conversion and fully integrated with conversion analytics from across all channels. When your clients want to extend inbound personalization onto phone calls, Retreaver uses rich call data to personalize call routing and agent experiences at a one-to-one level.

How does it complement inbound?

Inbound is all about using the right messaging to trigger a call-to-action from prospects. And when prospects want to call in and speak with someone, it is essential to know which messages prompted them to call, and which messages and calls resulted in positive outcomes, like sales, so that you can focus your efforts and resources and justify additional spend.
With the inbound call tagging, tracking and routing Retreaver provides, agencies are able to seamlessly integrate phone calls with any inbound strategy and workflow they need to deliver for clients. In addition, Retreaver makes it easy to use any call data, HubSpot CRM contact data, or caller context to personalize every inbound call, and to route callers to their HubSpot owner or to a specialist agent so your client can convert more leads to prospects and customers.

Best call tracking provider I’ve worked with. Retreaver made it really easy to track in Google Analytics not just the calls my Adwords were sending, but the calls being connected and converted as well.

Kamila Philip

Digital Marketing & Advertising Consultant | Senior Account Director

Search Engine People Inc.

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Retreaver + HubSpot Integration

Provide clients with the detailed call data they need to analyze marketing ROI and to deliver one-to-one personalized customer experiences over the phone.

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Everything agencies need to track inbound leads from click-to-call-to-conversion for their clients while extending multi-channel personalization and workflows onto inbound phone calls.

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