Agency Service Primer for Shakr + HubSpot

Interested in expanding your service offerings? Learn more about the services you can offer your clients with Shakr and its HubSpot integration.

shakr-logo-b2000By partnering with Shakr, your agency can offer:
  • Professional videos for social media 
Plus, it will all be integrated with your client's HubSpot CRM. 

What is the service?

Social Media Video Content Creation -  Creating content for your clients’ social media can be a lucrative, but time sucking endeavor. By using Shakr you can streamline your content creation for social media by using more than 2200+ video designs created by professional designers, and create a wide variety of video content, like square video carousel for your clients’ Facebook campaigns, Instagram Stories videos that stand out, or product videos that will increase your campaigns ROI.

Who is an ideal client?

Ecommerce brands with a small marketing team and not enough time to create video content for social media on a consistent basis. E-commerce brands traditionally have lots of image assets that can be used in the video designs on, and have a paid media spend that calls for a marketing mix that includes video. These clients are great fits for Shakr DIY, where as an agency you can create professional looking content for them by drag-and-dropping existing assets into video designs. 

Bigger brands with a large monthly ad spend - You can provide these businesses with custom made video designs that are for clients with a bigger marketing budget and looking to take their social media videos to the next level. 

How does it complement Inbound?

High quality social content is an important part of a successful inbound strategy. Shakr is a lightweight and easy way to add video creation to your agency offering without having to invest in dedicated video teams.

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