Agency Service Primer for Sigstr + HubSpot

Interested in expanding your service offerings? Learn more about the services you can offer your clients with Sigstr and its HubSpot integration.

Sigstr_LogoBy partnering with Sigstr, your agency can offer:
  • Email signature marketing services
  • A new marketing channel for content promotion and distribution
  • ABM execution via Sigstr + HubSpot
  • CTA design and strategy services
  • Sigstr account administration
  • ROI tracking and reporting
Plus, with the HubSpot Integration, you can ensure your clients are serving targeted email signature campaigns that align to their overarching ABM strategies.

What is the service?

Email SignaturesEmail Signature Marketing - Help your clients turn employee email into a powerful, dynamic marketing channel that drives real ROI.

Sigstr amplifies the value of every email by giving marketers centralized control over their employee signatures. By including dynamic call-to-action banners within the email signature, Sigstr turns every employee at a company into a brilliant marketer that drives real ROI. From branding to event promotion to the most targeted ABM campaigns, Sigstr gives companies the ability to distribute content to their most accessible audiences.

Who is an ideal client?

B2B clients with over 100 employees and a large sales team - The marketing team should have a clear understanding of digital marketing and focus on demand generation, ABM, event marketing, and content marketing.

65% of content goes unused in B2B organizations, representing a massive cost center directly located within marketing. Sigstr helps marketers cut through the noise and share a company’s most important marketing content and initiatives automatically via the employee email signature. With a few clicks, you can ensure the content you’re promoting is targeted to each email recipient.

How does it complement Inbound?

Sigstr complements a company’s inbound efforts by offering a new channel for content promotion and distribution. The addition of Sigstr’s HubSpot integration increases the impact of an inbound marketing strategy by making sure the right eyes are on the right content at the right time. Marketers are able to align Sigstr campaign banners to specific HubSpot smart and static lists to drive more content downloads, event registrations, demos and conversions.

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Sigstr + HubSpot Integration

Seamlessly connect Sigstr to HubSpot workflows, smart lists, landing pages and email marketing templates to ensure your Sigstr activities are aligned with your overarching marketing initiatives.

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Email signature marketing

Turn employee email into a powerful, dynamic marketing channel that drives real ROI.

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