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translate.comBy partnering with, your agency can offer:
  • Marketing content translated into up to 37 languages at a low cost
Plus, it will all be integrated with your client's HubSpot CRM. 

What is the service?

Translation services - Agencies can provide implementation services associated with translating a clients website or any other marketing content in up to 37 different languages.

Clients need to be opening new markets in other countries to stay competitive. It is no longer necessary to communicate in English only, when communicating in multiple languages has never been easier. The world is getting smaller and prospects and end customers prefer to see information in their native language. Agencies can now offer their clients content that is translated so that it can reach wider audiences and be more localized for visitors. Additionally, they will be able to offer these services at a much lower cost.

Who is an ideal client?

Small to medium sized businesses that are already global or desire a global footprint. Clients looking to create content in multiple languages, but don't want to spend a fortune or large blocks of time on translation. Additionally, clients who are tired of paying too much and waiting too long for translation services and are looking to translate content in less time and at lower costs.  

How does it complement Inbound?

Localized content is a part of a positive, personalized buyer's journey - When foreign speakers come to your client's website, the site will be automatically translated in their native tongue.  They see this as a focused solution for them, which increases the possibility of them becoming customers. 

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