Agency Service Primer for Viewbix + HubSpot

Interested in expanding your service offerings? Learn more about the services you can offer your clients with Viewbix and its HubSpot integration.

viewbix_logo_largeBy partnering with Viewbix, your agency can offer:
  • Video marketing services
  • Video performance insights
  • Analysis of video engagement
Plus, it will all be integrated with your client's HubSpot CRM. 

What is the service?

Video marketing and performance analysis - Video has become an integral part of a business' marketing strategy. However, most companies have no idea whether those videos are effective and what parts of those videos are resonating with their audience. By partnering with Viewbix, you can help clients quickly and easily drive a meaningful ROI from their on-demand and live videos while providing deep insights into viewer engagement. 

Viewbix's easy to use yet powerful video marketing platform adds interactivity to client's on demand and live videos regardless of where they are hosting their videos (youtube, vimeo, brightcove, kaltura, amazon, etc) to drive meaningful ROI. In parallel the Viewbix analytics suite captures second by second measurement of engagement and user actions to provide brands the ability to optimize each experience to maximize campaign objectives.

Who is an ideal client?

Clients currently incorporating video into their marketing strategy -  Additionally, an ideal client is using those videos to drive some type of action tied to their business goals ie; longer time on site, leads, sales, app installs. Finally, clients that are data focused and want to improve their marketing effectiveness via analytics are good candidates.

The client has spent money creating videos and would like to see an ROI from that investment as well as better understand what parts of the video are working. Additionally they'd like to know when, where and how to use their videos most effectively to increase campaign performance.  

How does it complement Inbound?

We know that prospects and customers love consuming video content todayViewbix provides an interactive video platform and actionable analytics suite to enable companies to drive meaningful ROI from their videos. Businesses are now able to understand the effectiveness of their videos and how to best utilize them across their website, mobile and ad campaigns. For clients who are already using video today this provides them with an easy to use yet powerful platform to drive higher ROI and deeper insights to become better story tellers with video marketing.

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Viewbix + HubSpot Integration

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Viewbix turns video viewers into customers through integrated calls to action along with a rich analytics suite that allows companies the ability to track and provide a measurable ROI from their videos.

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