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Aircall + HubSpot Integration Case Study

Rental Management Provider Vacasa Cuts Customer Service Wait Time by 40% Using HubSpot-Aircall Integration


Vacasa, the second largest vacation rental management company in the U.S., offers professional rental management for over 7,200 vacation homes across the United States and into Central and South America.  The company strives to simplify the vacation rental process by bringing all the perks of professional management to private homeowners.

Hoping to fortify the software stack for their scaling business, Vacasa began the search  for an all-in-one solution.

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It was the end of the calendar year, and Vacasa was in need of a robust software solution that centralized CRM, Marketing, and Sales tools and could be used across the entire business. Their discovery and research process quickly led to a HubSpot subscription beginning in December 2016.

But Vacasa didn’t stop there, they honed in on improving inbound call management specifically, searching for a tracking solution that would increase service  efficiency. That is when they signed up for Aircall - and it didn’t take long to validate that decision. Customer service wait times decreased by 40% in just one month, and that standard has been kept constant since.


Integrating HubSpot + Aircall was simple and allowed teams to maximize sales,
marketing, and services efforts.

Part of Vacasa’s initial excitement around Aircall was the phone systems ability to instantly integrate with HubSpot.  This turned the vision for an all-in-one platform into a reality.  The integration has allowed Vacasa’s teams to automatically sync their call information into HubSpot.  It surfaces all caller data during calls and automatically links the audio recordings to HubSpot contact records.  

“By allowing us to better capture and leverage our contract data, Aircall has enabled us to improve our inbound and outbound efforts which directly contributes to and impacts us our sales and marketing goals.”  In fact, Vacasa has experienced an 18% month over month growth in call volume over the last 6 months.


I would recommend someone to get HubSpot and Aircall for their marketing team. The efficiency the integration has provided has allowed us to better maximize our sales and marketing efforts.