Note Taking Ai Assistant for People Prone to Meetings

Aloe is an Ai Assistant that works the way you do. There are no file names and folders with Aloe. Aloe organizes your meeting notes automatically and lets you take notes using any combination of the following methods:
• Handwrite with the Aloe App and stylus (Apple Pencil, Samsung S-pen, Surface Pen)
• Text message Aloe
• Call Aloe to dictate notes
• Email and forward email to Aloe
• Conference Aloe into your calls to record and transcribe
• Capture photos and video, then upload or send them to Aloe
• Aloe Mobile App (iOS and Android)


This integration requires both and HubSpot. Learn more.

Sync Meeting Notes to HubSpot CRM Automatically

No more wasting time manually creating activity records for each meeting in HubSpot. The Aloe + HubSpot integration connects notes to your contacts and their companies, events in your calendar, deals from HubSpot, places you've been, and your hashtags. Because notes are synced to HubSpot automatically, they are always available in both Aloe and HubSpot.

Improve Team Knowledge Sharing

Whether you sell as a team, need to transition important details from sales to delivery, or want to improve customer satisfaction by having important details available for instant recall, Aloe can digitally transform your knowledge sharing. Notes can be shared by contact, company, deal, and calendar event.

How Does This Integration Complement HubSpot?

  • Aloe connects notes to contacts, companies, and deals - then syncs them to HubSpot automatically.

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