Measure and Improve Customer Experience with Automated NPS

AskNicely is an NPS software that measures and improves NPS with intelligent tools and collects and responds to customer feedback automatically using CRMs like HubSpot. It also allows you to track NPS by product, channel, rep, and more.


This integration requires both AskNicely and HubSpot. Learn more.

Link NPS to contact records and automatically track NPS

AskNicely ties survey responses to contacts in HubSpot, so your HubSpot lists and reports can track Net Promoter Score in real-time. You can filter NPS results by any field you have in your HubSpot contact record, trigger workflows in HubSpot to address unhappy customers, or nurture satisfied customers into becoming valuable repeat business or referrals.

Respond to feedback individually or at scale

With AskNicely for HubSpot, account managers can view NPS feedback from decision makers and influencers in their accounts, and close the loop on at risk customers. Use your existing HubSpot CRM and workflows to act on dissatisfied accounts and drive prompt follow-up -- at scale. Don't worry about overloading your customers - AskNicelyÕs contact rules protect from survey fatigue.

How Does This Integration Complement HubSpot?

  • This integration provides all-in-one NPS software.

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