Turn Contacts into Contracts

No more letting event leads slip through the cracks. atEvent captures the event lead information that matters to your business and automatically syncs it with HubSpot so you can act on your leads in real time. Just scan a badge or business card via our mobile app, and have the data sent to HubSpot immediately for targeted follow-up with your prospects. Use our event intelligence to measure ROI and optimize your event marketing strategy.


This integration requires both atEvent and HubSpot. Learn more.

Accelerate Your Sales Velocity

Our simple and intuitive user interface means you spend less time training and more time building relationships. WiFi down? atEvent works offline, so your leads won’t be lost.

Capture Relevant Lead Data and Insights

Capture lead data that is consistent, actionable, and targeted toward your marketing goals by standardizing topics and follow-up actions across events. Get rich interaction data and detailed event insights, so you know what’s working—and what’s not—when it comes to your event marketing strategy.

How Does This Integration Complement HubSpot?

  • • Automatically populate atEvent with pre-registered attendees from your HubSpot registration pages so your team can check-in prospects, add rich interaction data, and automatically alert on-the-floor salespeople about key prospects as they arrive
  • • Set up HubSpot campaigns that trigger activities such as sending sales alerts, updating attendee lead scores, and sending personalized follow-up emails and other communications to prospects in near real-time
  • • Create atEvent fields that match your HubSpot custom data object fields and add hidden fields for metadata so you can capture the insights you need most at the event, and sync them seamlessly into HubSpot via the HubSpot REST API integration

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