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This integration requires both HubSpot and Beacon

eBooks in Seconds 

Beacon converts blog posts into professionally designed downloadable content like eBooks in seconds. Allowing you to get more value from existing content, drive leads and avoid paying high costs for creative consults. 


 HubSpot Blog Posts

With the integration HubSpot blog posts automatically pull into Beacon. Allowing you to create content through Beacon on the fly. The two systems share information back and forth, keeping everything all-in-one. 

Create Content Packages 
Inbound marketers can now take their top performing blog posts  and use it to make an eBook. A call to action for downloading this eBook could then be placed on each of those blog posts. This would increase the chances of converting a visitor into a lead by presenting them with a comprehensive package of content that is particularly relevant to their current point of interest. 

Automatic Design
When you choose a template in Beacon your imported content will be instantly styled so you can spend less time formatting and more time on your content. Recommended color and font settings will help if you need some creative inspiration and you can even make precise adjustments to suit your brand identity.



The integration is free for subscribers of both Beacon and HubSpot.

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This integration was built and is maintained by Beacon, last update in March of 2016.

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The process and amount of time that it takes to create an ebook with the Beacon/HubSpot integration is significantly less than what it usually takes me to create an ebook. Sometimes the creation of ebooks gets placed on the back burner because our design team gets so busy. With this integration, I am able to remove the designer from the process and still create a professional ebook. It’s a great option to help with re-purposing content.

Erica Cepeda

Marketing Programs Developer


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