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Beautiful Emails, Fast

BEE Pro is the complete email design suite for creating beautiful emails, fast. Over 100 professionally-designed, responsive email templates to start from and a great drag-n-drop editor to customize them. Features include: custom template management, message review, comment & approval, user roles & permissions (including restricted content editing), brand settings (e.g. brand-approved fonts), easy & quick export to HubSpot.


This integration requires both BEE Pro and HubSpot. Learn more.

Quick Export to HubSpot

BEE makes designing great-looking, responsive emails a lot of fun. Easily rearrange content, search & insert free stock photos, visually link to video content from YouTube & Vimeo, add HubSpot properties (fields), etc. The integration also allows you to review your email on desktop & mobile, send a quick test, and then export it to your HubSpot Marketing Hub as a new email template with just a couple of clicks.

Review, Comment, and Approve

Once you've designed your new email message or dynamic email template, use the built-in review, comment, and approval system to discuss it with your team members or clients. All comments are visually applied directly to the message, everyone is kept up-to-date, and each conversation can be separately marked as resolved.

How Does This Integration Complement HubSpot?

  • This integration makes it easy and fast to design beautiful, responsive email templates for HubSpot Marketing. Whether it's a simple welcome email or a dynamic template that leverages HubSpot properties (fields), you can create it in BEE Pro with great design flexibility, and then easily push it to HubSpot.

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