Build Your Perfect Webinar Engine

Choose from over 50 data points to segment, score, and nurture your prospects. Gain powerful insights into your webinar program's performance and create lists, workflows, and alerts based on engagement with your content.


This integration requires both BrightTALK and HubSpot. Learn more.

Simple and Powerful

The BrightTALK + HubSpot integration is easy to connect and easy to monitor. Gain real-time visibility into your lead generation activities and webinar performance. Never import a CSV again.

Acquire And Inspire Your Ideal Audience

With so much noise online, seizing the attention of B2B buyers requires engaging, interactive, and human experiences that create connections. BrightTALK is designed with lead generation in mind. Expand the reach of your webinar programs with targeted recommendations and a community of 7 million professionals.

How Does This Integration Complement HubSpot?

  • BrightTALK's integration with HubSpot allows marketers to create a powerful connection between webinar content viewed on BrightTALK and HubSpot marketing automation engine.

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