Know SQL? Get HubSpot data

The CData HubSpot Connector allows you to work with HubSpot as if it were a database. By providing standards-based drivers (JDBC, ODBC, ADO.NET, and more) for HubSpot, CData enables seamless integration with LIVE HubSpot data in popular BI, reporting, and ETL tools like Tableau, Power BI, Microsoft Excel, and more. Using the drivers, users can also build their own applications with read and write access to LIVE HubSpot data through familiar SQL queries.


This integration requires both CData Software and HubSpot. Learn more.

High-Performance Data Connectors

The CData HubSpot Connectors included high-performance query and data processing capabilities. Complex SQL operations are pushed through the HubSpot API whenever possible while unsupported operations are processed client-side with the embedded SQL Engine. Thanks to optimized data processing, large data sets are delivered as fast as the HubSpot API is able to return them.

Seamless Integration with 3rd Party Tools

The CData HubSpot Connectors offer seamless integration of HubSpot data in 3rd-party tools and custom applications. CData Connectors are built using ubiquitous standards (JDBC, ODBC, ADO.NET, and more) and with built-in, dynamic metadata querying, meaning that LIVE HubSpot data is easily accessible in the tools and applications you already use for BI, reporting, ETL, and more.

How Does This Integration Complement HubSpot?

  • Write SQL queries (as simple or as complex as you need) to read and write HubSpot data. The SQL interface in CData Connectors enables connectivity to live HubSpot data in the BI, reporting, and ETL tools that you already use. Replicate and synchronize HubSpot data with any other database, on-premises or cloud-based.

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