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HubSpot E-Commerce Bridge For Magento

Customize your HubSpot for Magento store. Create lists, groups, contact properties, and workflows in HubSpot. You can then run tailored marketing campaigns as per buyer personas and increase repeat purchases from old and new customers alike.


This integration requires both CedCommerce and HubSpot. Learn more.

Automation & Segmentation

Put your marketing on auto-pilot by using ready-to-use workflows related to abandoned cart recovery, customer nurturing, ROI calculation, and order. Segment your customers on the basis of total purchase value, frequency of purchase order, and 20+ smart dynamic lists.

Data Syncing & ROI Tracking

Get the full measure of your marketing efforts. Important data such as customers, products, deals, and line-items of your Magento store are synced with HubSpot through E-Commerce Bridge API. This offers tracking details of campaigns and revenue generated by them.

How Does This Integration Complement HubSpot?

  • • The integration provides syncing with HubSpot by E-Commerce Bridge API for Magento Store
  • • It will help to recover abandoned carts, reengage you customers, and increase repeat visitors on your site
  • • As a HubSpot customer, you can receive a 10% off discount for CedCommerce with code HubSpotConnect

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