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Boost Your Sales & Marketing with Video Marketing Automation

Capture leads using video, pass viewing data into HubSpot, score, segment and nurture prospects. Notify your sales when leads are ready to talk business.


This integration requires both Cincopa and HubSpot. Learn more.

Actionable data and video events on contact timeline.

All the viewing data passed on to HubSpot will be shown on a contact's timeline as a Cincopa event.

Segment, nurture, and score leads based on their video viewing actions.

Use Cincopa’s events such as Video played % and Video form submitted to generate smart lists, enroll viewers and prospects into workflows, and score leads. You can also use these events to assign and alert sales and team members when their leads are watching specific videos and have them to close more deals. Interested in combining your podcasts and slideshows into your marketing automation? Get in touch.

How Does This Integration Complement HubSpot?

  • • Capture leads and pass them into HubSpot (video forms convert better than pop ups).
  • • Segment prospects into groups which represent their buyer's journey stage based on viewing data marketers can.
  • • Lead scoring points can be assigned based on viewing data (i.e. viewed product demo video, viewed webinar) to nurturing workflows.

HubSpot Customer Partner Perks

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