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Outbound calls - initiate calls by clicking on you contacts

Browse through your list of contacts, hover over and click to initiate a call with CloudTalk. After the call is finished, call recording as well as tags and further data about the call will be logged in both HubSpot and CloudTalk


This integration requires both CloudTalk and HubSpot. Learn more.

Inbound calls - access information about your contacts before the call

When you have a call incoming, by clicking on the HubSpot icon in CloudTalk app, you can quickly access caller's information stored in HubSpot to be able to react accurately and more promptly.

Call Recordings and Call Enagagement

By having call data accessible with a single click, you can make better business decisions faster. Log outbound and inbound calls, call recordings and manage missed calls.

How Does This Integration Complement HubSpot?

  • Enhance your sales and customer support team efficiency with our 3-click CloudTalk + HubSpot integration.

    • Initiate calls by clicking on your HubSpot contacts
    • Know who's calling - access contact info with a single click
    • Synchronize notes, tags, rating, contacts and communication history

    Never lose another deal with CloudTalk's modern cloud phone solution.

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