Respect Your Customers' Time

People love to talk and with HubSpot connected to Cradle, your phone conversations will be more meaningful. The Cradle + HubSpot integration makes it easy for you to answer customer questions quickly by enriching the call with important HubSpot information.


This integration requires both Cradle and HubSpot. Learn more.

Make Your Reports Meaningful

Once you have Cradle and HubSpot working together, your calls will automatically log against your customers. Use this data to understand your team performance, measure time between customer interactions, and ensure you're delivering the level of service your customers expect.

Always Call The Right Number

Pull contacts from HubSpot into Cradle and make sure you're calling the most up-to-date phone number you have. Your team will be able to search by name and click to call any of your HubSpot contacts with the Cradle contacts sync from HubSpot.

How Does This Integration Complement HubSpot?

  • Integrate to see the full picture of your customer. Your calls will be logged against each customer, you will see who on your team does the most calling, and you'll have easy access with one click to your HubSpot data while you're on the phone.

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