All Your Sales and Marketing KPIs, in One Place

With the Dasheroo + HubSpot Integration

  1. Actionable Insight

    With Dasheroo you can track your top KPIs from HubSpot alongside all the other apps you use to run your business. In just a few clicks you can build a customized dashboard to monitor and take action on the metrics that drive the success of your business.
  2. Unified KPIs

    With Dasheroo and HubSpot you can create multi-app dashboards from over 30 top tier providers to track every stage of the customer journey. From lead generation and advertising to nurturing and campaign performance all the way through to conversion and sales.
  3. Collaborative Success

    KPIs are only useful if you're keeping a close eye on them. The more eyes the better as this is the best way to spot important trends early on. Our integration makes it easy to share dashboards with co-workers and clients so you can collaborate in real-time to maintain what's working and change what's not.


The integration is free for customers of both Dasheroo and HubSpot.

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Setup Help

Click below for documentation on how-to get setup with the integration.

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If you need help, please call 415-483-1962 or click below to email Dasheroo support.

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This integration requires both HubSpot and Dasheroo