Uncover the Software Your Leads are Using

With the Datanyze - HubSpot integration

This integration requires both HubSpot and Datanyze

Inbound Marketing With Insight

Demographic and firmographic information can only get you so far. With our integration, you can score and route leads to sales based on their technology choices. Alert reps when leads add or drop a specific technology so they can reach out to decision makers at exactly the right time.

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Accurate Lead Data That Evolves

Businesses are constantly changing. Your data should change too. Enrich your HubSpot instance with up-to-date lead and account information that changes when your prospects change so that you always have accurate snapshot of what's going on.

The Foundation of Account Based Marketing

Successful account-based marketing starts with identifying the right accounts. With more than 200 data points on 40+ million companies worldwide, Datanyze helps you find your target market no matter how complex. And of that powerful information is available right in HubSpot through our seamless integration.



The integration is free for customers of both Datanyze and HubSpot.

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"It cut the amount of time researching and enriching leads from days to hours."

Hana Abaza , VP Marketing


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