ABM Just Got Easier

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is about aligning your entire revenue team around the accounts that you care about most. However, marketers and sales reps often work out of different tools, which makes it hard to be on the same page. The Engagio + HubSpot integration brings your marketing and sales data into a single ABM platform so everyone is working off of the same information and has full visibility into their accounts and programs.


This integration requires both Engagio and HubSpot. Learn more.

Understand. Align. Act. Measure.

When connected, the HubSpot integration allows Engagio’s Account Based Marketing to report on engagement activities that are tracked via HubSpot so you can understand how your most important accounts are engaging with you. This enables you to score accounts and follow up on key activities in a personal and relevant way.

Account Based Marketing at Scale

Engagio helps B2B marketers scale their ABM programs. Gain visibility into the accounts you care about most, and automate multi-channel actions in response to account activity so you can engage your target accounts at the right time.

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