AI Powered Sales Assistant

Increase rep productivity and convert more of your leads into qualified meetings with Exceed's sales assistant. Using artificial intelligence, Exceed's sales assistant makes sure every lead is followed up with, handles objections and inquiries, asks qualification questions and schedules qualified meetings directly into your reps' calendars.


This integration requires both Exceed AI and HubSpot. Learn more.

No Lead Left Behind

Exceed's sales assistant will engage every lead with a human-like conversation 24/7 and make sure every lead is followed-up with, nurtured and qualified based on your company's sales and marketing playbook. It will re-engage out-of-office leads when they are back, follow-up with leads when they are ready, handle objections, respond to inquiries and ask qualification questions to better prep your sales team.

Seamless Sales Handoffs

Easily setup a playbook and rules of engagement that meets your business' needs. Edit and customize all the email copy to reflect your brand voice and value proposition. Define your qualification criteria and connect your reps' calendars so Exceed's AI-powered virtual assistant can automatically schedule qualified meetings.

How Does This Integration Complement HubSpot?

  • This integration allows your sales team to scale using automation and AI to qualify and nurture Hubspot leads and turn them into opportunities.

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