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Ensure your customers find you on search

When we have a question, we go to Google. But search has changed significantly over the past couple years. Ads now blend in seamlessly with organic content, and are often the only results above the fold on search. With Google Ads in HubSpot, you can fully lean into your paid search strategy. Get found for the keywords that matter the most to you, and create a consistent narrative for your customers by integrating Google Ads with the rest of your marketing efforts.


This integration requires both Google Ads and HubSpot. Learn more.

Reach any customer at exactly the right moment.

Running your Google Ads in HubSpot, targeting is quick and simple. Attach your pixel to HubSpot and start creating website audiences off of granular interactions customers have with your website. Use nearly any CRM data point to create specific audiences to create targeted messages, and increase your ads engagement.

Understand which ads are influencing your bottom line.

Clicks and leads are great, but they don’t always equal money in the bank. Running your Google Ad campaigns in HubSpot, you’ll be able to draw a direct line between clicks on your ads, and return on your ad spend. Never again will you struggle to prove the ROI of your advertising.

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