Leverage Customer Engagements Across Teams

With a HubSpot integration, your support team is equipped with full context on each customer they are responding to, including background on the individual customer relationship — like the HubSpot owner, total revenue, and latest activities, like sign-up date and email engagement. Monitor these activities straight from where you’re already working with customers: in the Help Scout conversation pane.


This integration requires both Help Scout and HubSpot. Learn more.

Eliminate Surprises for Sales and Marketing

Inform every interaction with the most recent support communications by adding conversation and satisfaction ratings to the contact's HubSpot timeline. Teams can check the CRM to see that customers are happy, research open issues, and examine negative ratings - all before picking up the phone or shooting out an email.

Automate HubSpot Outreach Based on Help Scout Activity

Watch for positive and negative signals coming out of your support team to automate outreach with HubSpot. Received a great rating from a new customer? Maybe it's time to ask for a referral. A customer with an open deal left a negative rating? Make sure Sales follows up right away.

How Does This Integration Complement HubSpot?

  • • HubSpot is the marketing hub for your business, giving you the ability to manage customers, send emails, create content and track opportunities. Connecting HubSpot with Help Scout keeps your marketing and support teams in sync.
  • • All the important HubSpot data about your customer is available right where you need it. In one click, you can unsubscribe from Lists, open relevant Deals, or open the full profile.
  • • Adding Satisfaction Ratings to your Help Scout conversations provides an easy way for your customers to give feedback on an interaction.

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