The interface for Shopware

With Webfellows Shopware HubSpot Sync, all relevant data from your shop is automatically transferred to HubSpot. All information on customers and orders are available to every employee in your company at any time.


This integration requires both HubSpot Sync for Shopware by Webfellows and HubSpot. Learn more.

Unbeatably effective in combination

The HubSpot Sync interface from Webfellows is a Shopware plugin developed using APIs from Shopware and HubSpot. "HubSpot Sync" can be easily installed and configured using the Shopware Plugin Manager. A synchronization is carried out every 24 hours by default. This can be adjusted as required after the initial synchronization.

Get started with HubSpot Sync for Shopware by Webfellows connected to HubSpot's software