Unify, enrich, and sync all your customer data

Hull is one unified customer database to transform, enrich, segment & sync data across all your tools in real-time — including HubSpot contacts and lists. The customer data platform trusted by HubSpot users like Drift, Appcues, Mention, and more. Get started in your Hull Dashboard, or learn how to power up HubSpot below…


This integration requires both Hull and HubSpot. Learn more.

One customer profile to power them all.

First, unify all your customer data from HubSpot and beyond into one customer profile. Picture all your HubSpot profiles, Salesforce records, Intercom conversations, Segment analytics, Clearbit enrichment, backend SQL database and more in one profile. Next, transform your raw profile data to use natively in all your tools. Write plain JavaScript in Hull Processor to compute new traits and events from all your existing data. For example, transform product analytics events into auto-updating HubSpot properties.

Orchestrate the perfect customer journey from HubSpot and Hull.

Build real-time segments from all your customer data in Hull and sync to HubSpot lists, Facebook Custom Audiences, Intercom Segments and more. Map any data into HubSpot properties. Hull then automatically syncs and updates all your connected tools and databases in real-time. Now you can create perfectly personalized HubSpot templates, workflows, emails, smart CTAs, and more with data from all your tools through Hull.

How Does This Integration Complement HubSpot?

  • • Sync and transform lead and customer data from all your tools and databases into HubSpot in a clean, usable, and native format.
  • • Compute precise, real-time HubSpot lists from all your lead & customer data via Hull Segments. Transform & enrich data to sync to HubSpot natively using Hull Processor
  • • Integrate HubSpot with other tools like Intercom, Clearbit & Segment that don’t have bi-directional integrations today.

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