Direct Mail Automation Made Simple

Build, send, test and automate direct mail as easily as email with Inkit's direct mail software. Use the Inkit + HubSpot direct mail integration to sync direct mailers with your digital marketing campaigns, sending targeted postcards automatically based on event triggers.


This integration requires both Inkit and HubSpot. Learn more.

Take Personalization to a New Level

Convert leads into sales and nurture existing customers using Inkit's direct mail builder and HubSpot CRM data. With Hubspot + Inkit, you will build your direct mail audience dynamically using digital tools and campaign triggers.

Trigger Direct Mail Automatically

Send postcards automatically using HubSpot's campaign tool and Inkit's prebuilt postcard templates. Or, create your own customized mailers with Inkit's drag and drop builder in minutes. Inkit + HubSpot direct mail automation is now possible using the workflow tool to send triggered postcards, direct mail pieces, and more.

How Does This Integration Complement HubSpot?

  • • Build and send postcards as easily as you would send email. Use prebuilt postcard templates or create your own in minutes with Inkit's drag and drop builder, and mail your postcards from HubSpot's campaign tool.
  • • Direct mail isn't just for blanketing entire zip codes with promotions anymore. Use HubSpot's CRM data to send highly targeted mailers based on campaign triggers.
  • • Test your offline marketing just as you would test your digital campaigns. With Inkit + HubSpot, you can run A/B tests on direct mail and measure results.

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