You may use HubSpot to track how customers engage online, but what happens when they call? Now, with the HubSpot Invoca Integration you can track your inbound phone calls and log them as lead form submissions in HubSpot. 

  • View calls as a form submission in the lead timeline
  • Segment and score leads based on calls
  • Setup a Workflow that triggers a personalized email after a call
  • Understand the true performance across channels by taking into account calls as well as clicks

With Invoca for HubSpot, you are now able to easily score, segment, and nurture inbound calls allowing you to pinpoint exactly which marketing content is driving inbound calls, and ultimately generating more marketing qualified leads for your sales teams.  No software installation or coding required, just enter your HubSpot portal information into Invoca and you’re ready to go.

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May 2015