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Choose Your Keyword

When you sign up for Join By Text you will select a keyword that works with your brand or message. You want this keyword to be one word, with letters and numbers only, and easy to spell.


This integration requires both Join By Text and HubSpot. Learn more.

Connect to HubSpot

After your Join By Text keyword has been created you will connect your keyword to your HupSpot account and list.

How Does This Integration Complement HubSpot?

  • What is Join By Text?

    Join By Text is a service that lets people sign-up for your email list by sending a text message.  This is especially effective for capturing email addresses at events, at a physical location, or as a call-to-action in traditional media ads (print, radio, TV, etc.) Your sign or ad copy would say something like “Text SIGNUP to 12345 and get a special offer when you join our email list!”

    How Does Text to Join for HubSpot Work?

    After someone sends a text message with their email address Join By Text automatically passes this email address into your HubSpot account and signs them up under the appropriate list.  Whatever welcome or offer email you have configured for new subscribers will be sent to them (it works just like a signup on your website). You can connect different keywords to different email lists and change your keywords whenever you want.

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