Tell the Whole Data Story

Consolidate and analyze your data from HubSpot and hundreds of other platforms with HubSpot + Klipfolio

  1. Build dashboards for your team and your clients

    With Klipfolio, you can easily view and analyze data from multiple sources and improve data transparency. Real-time dashboards beautifully display your most important metrics. Track performance across platforms and visualize that performance in just a few clicks.
  2. Understand what's really driving success

    Your HubSpot data allows you to understand what's driving growth from a marketing and sales perspective. Adding Klipfolio completes the picture. Klipfolio integrates with most of your favorite applications (including Facebook, Twitter, Moz, Pingdom, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Xero, QuickBooks and hundreds more) so there are never missing chapters in your company’s data story.
  3. Access pre-built HubSpot dashboards

    With Klipfolio's powerful data visualization tools, you can build almost anything and see it right alongside your HubSpot data. This ability to combine data from multiple sources means that you can have a real-time dashboard that beautifully displays all of your most important metrics. And if you manage clients, you can build and manage dashboards for them as well.


You must be a paid customer of Klipfolio to use this integration. Learn more about Klipfolio pricing at the link below. If you're a HubSpot for Startups customer, you'll receive a discount.

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If you need help with this integration, please reach out to Klipfolio Support.