Send Your Facebook Leads Directly into HubSpot

With the LeadsBridge - HubSpot Integration

  1. Leverage Facebook's Massive Advertising Network

    Bridge the gap between Facebook Ads and HubSpot using LeadsBridge.
  2. Information Exchange

    Send your leads' information between HubSpot and Facebook Ads to improve your sales, marketing and retargeting efforts on both platforms.
  3. Smart (List) Targeting

    Sync smart lists from HubSpot with Custom Audience targeting inside of Facebook to reach specific lists of users with your ads.


The integration is free for customers of both LeadsBridge and HubSpot.

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Setup Help

Click for a how-to get setup guide and overview of features.

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Need help or want to talk to someone about the integration? Call support at 1-628-300-0081. Or email by clicking below:

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Integration built and maintained by LeadsBridge, last update 2/22/2017.

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"We have found Leadsbridge to be a great tool for our Facebook Ads campaigns. Our clients can send the leads generated from Facebook Ads campaigns into HubSpot in real-time; allowing them to contact the leads almost immediately, considerably increasing the conversion rate."
This integration requires both HubSpot and Leadsbridge