Manage Your LinkedIn Presence In HubSpot

Connect your LinkedIn account to HubSpot and start engaging with business professionals where they spend their time. Position your brand for success by automatically publishing your blog content for all your LinkedIn followers to see, and track engagement alongside your other social channels.


This integration requires both LinkedIn and HubSpot. Learn more.

Compare LinkedIn To Other Channels

Reporting is useless without context. Compare and contrast performance across all your social channels - see how your LinkedIn presence is driving traffic to your website and generating leads for your sales team.

Focus On The Bigger Picture

As a social marketer, you need to focus on strategy and positioning on LinkedIn, not the logistics of creating posts one at a time. In HubSpot, bulk upload all your LinkedIn posts at once or have your blog auto-publish to your LinkedIn page. Using our social calendar, you can quickly and easily manage your LinkedIn schedule to ensure you are maximizing engagement.

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