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Create highly targeted audiences.

Attach your pixel to HubSpot and start creating website audiences off of granular interactions customers have with your website. Use nearly any CRM data point to create specific audiences to create targeted messages, and increase your ads engagement.


This integration requires both LinkedIn Ads and HubSpot. Learn more.

Automatically sync leads from LinkedIn Directly into HubSpot.

As people fill out your LinkedIn lead generation ads, they’ll automatically be brought into the HubSpot CRM. Never worry about exporting your leads from LinkedIn again.

Understand which ads are influencing your bottom line.

Clicks and leads are great, but they don’t always equal money in the bank. Running your LinkedIn Ad campaigns in HubSpot, you’ll be able to draw a direct line between clicks on your ads, and return on your ad spend. Never again will you struggle to prove the ROI of your advertising.

How Does This Integration Complement HubSpot?

  • With LinkedIn Ads in HubSpot, targeting your customers with highly relevant ads and reporting on the true ROI of your campaigns is simple. Start by quickly connecting your account, and decide whether or not you want to turn on ad tracking, lead syncing, and apply your tracking pixel. From there, leverage the HubSpot CRM to create highly targeted audiences that automatically sync with your LinkedIn Ads account. Leads that are generated from your LinkedIn lead generation ads will automatically sync over into HubSpot. Finally, Report on your ads success through a number of attribution views, and see how your ad spend is influencing your bottom line. And because your managing your ad campaigns in the same place you run the rest of your marketing, creating a consistent narrative between your follow up and the rest of your marketing is easy.

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