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Heat Map Analysis 

Generate heatmaps for any page on your website to see exactly where your visitors and HubSpot contacts interacted. Segment this data to uncover actionable ways to improve conversion rates to generate more leads.


Record Visitor Activity 

With this integration, you can track and record every HubSpot contact's interaction with your website. These video sessions are automatically assigned to the HubSpot contact record's timeline, so you can easily diagnose and take advantage of conversion opportunities.

Optimize Conversion Rates 

Use Lucky Orange to determine where prospects dropped off in the conversion process. Use this data to better optimize your forms and conversion paths. 



The integration is free for users of both Lucky Orange and HubSpot. HubSpot customers can get 20% off Lucky Orange by following the link below.

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Integration built and maintained by Lucky Orange, last update 1/4/2017.

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Lucky Orange provides that next level of insight as to what users are doing on the site, and why they make the actions they make. It also helps with client service issues where we are able to debug problems.

Olaf Dunn

Growth Strategist

Kahuso Inc.

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