Integrated Sales Forecasting, Pipeline History Tracking & Reporting

Combine all of your sales & marketing data across CRM, Marketing, Sales, & customer outreach systems. 100s of ready to use Sales Reports, History Tracking, Pipeline Inspection, Funnel Progression Monitoring, Forecasting, Deal Predictions, Activity Tracking & Deal Prioritization. Accurate, up to the minute, shared and centralized insights for sales reps, sales managers, sales operations, & sales executives.


This integration requires both MoData and HubSpot. Learn more.

Sales Pipeline & Funnel Progression History

Capture every change in your HubSpot CRM based sales pipeline. Recreate your pipeline "as-of" last day, month, week, quarter or year and compare side by side to identify trends and anomalies. Analyze flow of opportunities through sales funnel to identify bottlenecks based on historical data capture.

Sales Forecasting

Out-of-box sales forecasting with AI-based deal scoring. Map your existing lead and opportunity stages from HubSpot CRM to customizable sales forecasting categories. Get an accurate view of your quarter. Let funnel movement and rep-activity identify at-risk deals. Prioritize deals to based on historical HubSpot CRM data to maximize revenue attainment.

How Does This Integration Complement HubSpot?

  • • Provides integrated analytic and reporting capabilities for HubSpot CRM , HubSpot Sales and Hubspot Marketing data.
  • • Adds ability to track all changes to HubSpot CRM data and enables pipeline & lead history inspection, allowing sales teams to compare changes to pipeline and lead statuses between any two time periods.
  • • Adds sales forecasting capabilities to HubSpot CRM, enabling AI based deal scoring and quota attainment predictions.

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