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Build Meaningful Conversations With Leads

Oktopost is a social media management and employee advocacy platform for B2B companies. With Oktopost, you can track lead engagement with your brand on social media - then leverage these insights to build highly-personal marketing campaigns in HubSpot.


This integration requires both Oktopost and HubSpot. Learn more.

Score Leads Based on Social Engagement

How a lead engages with your brand on social media determines their interest-level and sales-readiness. With the HubSpot + Oktopost integration, you can prioritize these social engagements to adjust your lead scoring model. For example, you can increase or decrease a lead’s score based on the social network they engaged on (e.g. LinkedIn vs. Facebook) and the type of engagement (link click vs. direct message).

Nurture Leads With Personalized Content

The more data you have on leads, the better you can craft engaging content. Using social engagement data in HubSpot, you can enroll leads in an email nurturing flow focused on ‘content topics’. For example, a lead that clicks on a social post pertaining to ‘Cyber Security’ will receive a Cyber Security-related case study, 25 minutes later. This ensures you’re always providing value to contacts and pushing them in the right direction.

How Does This Integration Complement HubSpot?

  • ● Use automated workflows to alert your sales team in real-time of a prospect’s negative or positive sentiment on social media so they can drive a more personal and authentic conversation
  • ● Nurture leads with highly personalized email campaigns based on what they engaged with on social media
  • ● Score leads based on their social media interactions across different networks and content topics

HubSpot Customer Partner Perks

Are you a HubSpot customer or involved in one of our Partner Programs? If so, Oktopost offers the following special promotions:

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