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Build Org Charts within your HubSpot CRM

Easily build and store customer organization charts on each of your accounts without leaving the Hubspot CRM. Features such as relationship mapping and customized sales personas help your team visualize the key stakeholders and close more deals. Use placeholder contacts to identify unknown key contacts, avoid sales blockers, and close deals faster.


This integration requires both OrgChartHub and HubSpot. Learn more.

Works from within your HubSpot CRM

Access OrgChartHub from any company or contact from the HubSpot CRM side panel. Everyone within your team can access and share org charts with no extra logins to manage.

Map Relationships, Assign Sales Personas, Create Placeholders

Understand your accounts by mapping out relationships with relationship lines. Visualize the key stakeholders and close more deals using customized sales personas. Close deals faster by identifying unknown key contacts and sales blockers using placeholder contacts.

How Does This Integration Complement HubSpot?

  • • OrgChartHub provides functionality to allow you to build organization charts within your CRM.
  • • OrgChartHub allows you to identify individuals that you are not yet aware of using placeholder contacts
  • • OrgChartHub helps you visualize your accounts by helping you map out the key stakeholders in the account, create relationships between contacts, and apply customized sales personas.

HubSpot Customer Partner Perks

Are you a HubSpot customer or involved in one of our Partner Programs? If so, OrgChartHub offers the following special promotions:

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