Supercharge your sales

Owler is a business information and insights platform that provides firmographic data and real-time news updates about a specific set of “followed” companies selected by the user. For anyone using HubSpot as their CRM, this integration will allow users to automatically follow their entire Hubspot prospect list on Owler. Once sync’d, Owler will ensure that a user’s followed companies is always kept up-to-date with their current HubSpot sales prospects and targets.


This integration requires both Owler and HubSpot. Learn more.

See your companies and deals

Users will receive quick access to company firmographic data, including location, employee count, annual revenue, and competitive information, a daily news snapshot delivered to their email inbox every morning at 6am, and the ability to select real-time alerts on 15 trigger events for followed companies, including funding, leadership changes, product launches, layoffs and more.

How Does This Integration Complement HubSpot?

  • Owler complements Hubspot by providing valuable data and exclusive insights about the companies they are tracking in Hubspot. Owler gives sales professionals additional tools and resources to reach out and make an informed and personalized connection with their targets.

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