Create More Inbound Leads Through Your Company Blog

Oz is a Content Marketing platform for B2B focused companies that create blog content. For B2B companies that need their blog to attract and convert qualified inbound leads, Oz provides the tools to simplify the complex process of creating long-form written content, and allows marketers to produce blog posts that directly lead to the sales pipeline.


This integration requires both Oz Content and HubSpot. Learn more.

Easily Create and Execute Content Campaigns

Build out content campaigns where you can surface and choose the best performing content topics that are aligned with your buyer persona. Imagine a platform that not only combines all the best practices to execute this content campaign to maximize results, but also gives you the analytics to directly attribute the performance of each blog post to revenue-related metrics.

Orchestrate your Demand-Generation Results with Oz and HubSpot

Close the loop with qualified leads coming through your blog posts by using Oz to better target the captured leads and convert them further towards the sales pipeline. Oz will map any data into your HubSpot Contacts properties so that they’re automatically synced and enriched, and allow you to simply select the Contact properties you want to target. Teams can now create perfectly personalized content with hypersegmented email campaigns, leading to higher conversion from your captured leads.

How Does This Integration Complement HubSpot?

  • • Enhances the utility of HubSpot's platform by delivering more qualified leads from better performing blog content
  • • Supports and activates the production of HubSpot's topic cluster into actionable blog posts
  • • Syncs and precisely segments HubSpot contacts to more easily fire off email campaigns with more personalized content

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