Combine Call Data with your Web Clicks

PhoneWagon's HubSpot integration you can see all your phone calls (including marketing campaign, source and keyword) directly inside HubSpot. PhoneWagon will create a new contact if the incoming phone number isn’t in your contact list. If they are already a contact we will simply add the call activity to the contact timeline so you can view everything in one place. It’s the best way for marketers and salespeople to leverage data to close more deals.


This integration requires both ​PhoneWagon and HubSpot. Learn more.

Push Call Activity into HubSpot

If one of your HubSpot contacts calls your business, PhoneWagon will push all of the relevant call data including the call recording, duration, campaign, referral source, keyword and more directly into HubSpot.

Customize What Calls Get Synced

Quickly and easily set parameters in PhoneWagon so only the calls you want get pushed into your HubSpot account.

How Does This Integration Complement HubSpot?

  • PhoneWagon's integration provides marketers the ability to view call data alongside web clicks and form submits. This integration allows you to quickly and easily pull call-recordings and other important analytics into your contact's timelines.

Get started with ​PhoneWagon connected to HubSpot's software