Deliver Client Proposals Faster

With the HubSpot + Proposify Integration

  1. Accelerate Your Sales Process

    With the HubSpot CRM connected to Proposify you can access all of your contacts and deals in Proposify's platform. Proposify keeps track of your contacts and applies any changes automatically, speeding up your proposal creation process so your reps can close deals faster.
  2. Contextual Insight For Reps

    Changes to your proposals in Proposify will also be reflected on the timeline in the HubSpot CRM. This includes comments from your team, when the proposal is sent, and when the deal is won.


The integration is free for paying customers of both Proposify and HubSpot.

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Setup Help

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Integration built and maintained by Proposify, last update 5/3/17.

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The first proposal I did through Proposify took 30-40 minutes to complete and closed two deals right off the bat. Our proposals are very customized so saving all that time was the tipping point to signing up for a paid account.