Rambl + HubSpot Integration Case Study

Workforce Management startup Branch Messenger uses Rambl to boost sales rep call productivity, allowing them to increase call volume, build better playbooks, qualify more leads, and move more enterprise deals forward.


Branch Messenger is a Workforce Management software tool that helps enterprise-sized companies forecast, schedule and communicate with their hourly workforce.

By leveraging the Rambl integration with HubSpot, Branch Messenger has been able to:

  • Improve rep call productivity by 5X.
  • Leverage a HubSpot-integrated power dialer to increase individual rep call volume by 5X.
  • Save 70+ hours every month by eliminating the need for manual data entry in HubSpot after each call.
  • Take actionable insights from real calls and apply them to team and self-training.
  • Gain better insight into call quality and playbook effectiveness.

Looking to boost rep productivity and learn more from calls, Branch Messenger needed to streamline data entry and improve playbooks by leveraging actionable insights from calls

As a new startup, the head of sales at Branch Messenger was tasked with building processes, developing playbooks, and finding the right tools for his growing team of sales reps. At the time, they did not have a phone system in place and reps were using their personal cell phones to make calls throughout the day.

The team was also utilizing HubSpot to track and manage leads, but found that reps were spending too much time adding and copying over notes at the end of each call they made. This disruption of productivity ultimately prevented them from focusing on what matters most—making more calls, having more conversations, and moving more deals forward.


Being able to log calls directly into HubSpot  with the Rambl integration saves Branch Messenger 70+ hours each month.

Rambl, a phone system for inside sales teams, integrates with HubSpot and provides friction-free dialing, powerful call insights, and streamlined CRM-logging for managers and reps alike

Rambl helped Branch Messenger by providing them with a dialing tool that would address and solve many of the pain points they were experiencing as a team:

Pain Point #1: No Dialer — Rambl enabled reps to start making calls from a powerful and reliable dialer instead of their personal cell phones. This dialer makes it possible for them to make and accept calls right from within HubSpot.

Pain Point #2: No Insights Into Call Quality — Rambl empowered the head of sales to monitor calls, evaluate playbook effectiveness, and train a relatively young team of sales reps on value propositions, messaging, and scripts. 

Pain Point #3: Lost Time on Data Entry and Call Logging — Rambl saved reps time by giving them the opportunity to automatically log call details and notes directly to HubSpot at the end of each call. Call recordings, transcripts, and call qualification metrics are now seamlessly synced between Rambl and HubSpot after every call that gets logged.

Pain Point #4: Inefficient and Inconsistent Processes — Rambl helped improve team-wide processes and allowed reps to increase the number of calls they were able to make each day.

Pain Point #5: Can’t Accept Incoming Calls — Rambl made it possible for reps to accept incoming calls from within HubSpot, and also allowed them to use a dedicated sales team number. 


Branch Messenger's sales reps can make calls directly from the contact record.

“I love Rambl because it gives me visibility into the conversation quality my reps are having on the phone. With this information, I can see that the calls are qualified and whether our call playbook is working. Our reps love it too, as it has streamlined their process so they spend more time on calls and less on data entry and manually logging calls in HubSpot.”

Andrew Johnson

Head of Sales

Branch Messenger

HubSpot + Rambl integration helps inside sales teams like Branch Messenger become more productive and effective

The Branch Messenger team has been able to use Rambl to improve calls, save time, and drive more deals forward. Since using the HubSpot + Rambl integration, rep call productivity has improved 500%, individual rep call volume has increased 500%, and the saves 70+ hours every month by eliminating the need for manual data entry after each call. The reps love that Rambl automatically logs their calls to HubSpot, the head of sales loves the call qualification analysis, and the entire team loves the data-driven self-coaching and training that now exist because of Rambl.



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