Seamlessly Exchange Caller Data With Your HubSpot Contacts

Fetch contact details about callers from HubSpot CRM and track calls from any source through to their HubSpot contact timeline. Use contact data with inbound calls in real-time to inform agents, drive workflows and trigger automation. Plus, route calls instantly using any contact attribute, lead status, or by sending callers directly to a HubSpot owner or matched service agent.


This integration requires both ​Retreaver and HubSpot. Learn more.

Track Caller Journeys From Any Source

HubSpot excels at tracking customer engagement across your digital channels, campaigns, and workflows. With the Retreaver Integration for HubSpot, you can now track inbound calls and attribute call-based conversions to their marketing sources and campaigns.

• Capture every call journey on a contact’s timeline as they move from lead to customer and know exactly which ad, campaign, or even creative drove their calls

• Extend A/B tests and messaging onto calls to analyze and increase conversions over time

• Listen to call recordings and view inbound call results right inside your HubSpot account and dashboards

Use Unlimited Data to Personalize Caller Journeys

The Retreaver Integration for HubSpot allows you to add unlimited data to your calls from your marketing campaigns and from HubSpot. Give sales agents information to help them convert more leads, and connect customers to the Service Hub agent able to exceed their expectations.

• Prioritize and route calls based on any contact property including segment, lead status, chat session id, HubSpot owner or service agent

• Use HubSpot CRM contact data to whisper caller context and intent to agents and push data to your services team

• Match conversations over the phone to interactions over the web by passing form and chat data to the agent answering the phone

How Does This Integration Complement HubSpot?

  • • This integration delivers inbound call tracking and routing capabilities for HubSpot
  • • View and analyze marketing outcomes via inbound phone calls integrated directly within HubSpot Analytics and contact records

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